Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood

After a tedious still life which took for ever to complete (last post) I was looking forward to a ‘quickie’. Compared to the still life this was relatively quick, about 2 hours with a bit to do when the pools of paint have dried a little. I would like to put a little texture on the trees and a shimmer on the water surface. Impossible to do on a wet painting. This involves dragging almost dry paint across the surfaces which sticks, here and there, on the paint surface. The media was mostly white spirits with ‘Liquin’ and a tiny amount of Linseed Oil so it will dry quickly and I can do the final touch up fairly soon.

I videoed the process and will have the movie available soon.

P.S.: The inspiration came from a visit to Kilranalagh, Co. Wicklow. The site of an ancient monastic enclosure, on top of a tree covered mountain, all that remains is a ‘Holy Well’, a few old walls and a graveyard. There were Bluebells everywhere, see Flickr photos.


4 thoughts on “Bluebell Wood

  1. There is a scene in ‘Ryans’ Daughter’ in a bluebell wood…that totally captivated me long before I was fortunate enough to actually walk through one where I lived in Wroxton in England. There is nothing like it…in sight and scent.

    You have offered its magic to me again in this painting! Thank you.

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