Moonlight by the lake – time lapse video

The time lapse video as promised. The painting surface was from a pad of sheets called ‘Fredrix’. Of all the canvas pads I’ve tested this one is the best for me. The absorption is there, but not excessive and good canvas texture. The only down side is the weight of the sheet. It is very light, almost flimsy, which means possible damage to the finished painting from rough handling or storage.  The canvas could be glued onto a board before or after painting. If you are glueing onto a board after the painting is completed use a solvent based glue (as opposed to water soluble) as any water in the glue could soak through the canvas and cause the paint layer to lift. There are self adhesive mounting boards available, which would be the best for framing as they resist warping and the glue layer is not liquid. If you are using liquid glue, solvent or aqueous, warping of the board can be reduced by coating both sides of the board first and allowing to dry before you stick on the canvas.

Moonlight by the lake


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