Scraperboard sketch

Kilmoroney House circa 1975

I am currently painting an oil painting which includes the above building, or what remains of the above building. The last 36 years has not been kind and very little now remains. The above sketch is a ‘Scraperboard’. This panel starts as black layer of dry Indian Ink on a white chalky layer. The picture is created by scraping off the black with a sharp point. The shades of grey and different textures are produced by a series of fine lines. Its a tedious and time consuming process and because you are working in reverse, black to white, it makes it all the more difficult.


9 thoughts on “Scraperboard sketch

  1. Hi Liam,

    I love the scratchbook of Kilmoroney! The technique is amazing.
    Kilmoroney is a special place to my husband, it was his family’s ancestral home. We saved up enough money to make it there last month, and yes it was in a sorry state. I feel cheeky to ask this as I know your website is about discussing art and technique but I was wondering if you would consider selling me a piece of your art on Kilmoroney? If so could you please let me know how I can contact you privately?


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