A country for old men

Brownshill Dolmen

I live in an old country! Wherever I go I’m reminded of this. This ‘piece of sculpture’ is a few miles from my home. That piece of rock on top is estimated to weigh about 150 tons and possibly the largest capstone on this type of monument in Europe. Those smaller supporting stones are about 6 feet tall. The sheer size of this is work is astounding.

Sitting on the side of a hill and visible for miles, it faces east, towards the rising sun. The return of the sun, after night or winter, must have been an important occasion as ‘east’ is a common alignment in monuments of this age. Like all great works of art we are left wondering, how did they do it?

It was placed here by a farming community who lived in this area 5000 years ago and it still speaks to their descendants today. The archaeologists say its a religious monument but I suppose future archaeologists will say the same about the Pieta.

And what was the greatest achievement here? Its not its physical presence of this great work. Its the satisfaction the creators must have felt when it was finally completed all those years ago. I think the act of creating a work of art is more important than the finished piece. Enjoy your art!