Adding light, stage 2

Stage 2 completed

Myrtleville, Co. Cork. Photo reference.

Stage 1 – Dark, dark and more dark…

The photo on left was taken on a showery bright day. I am after a sparkling ‘sun after showers’ feeling in this painting.

The sky will be glazed over with transparent Titanium White tinted with blue. Shafts of light will ‘spotlight’ the scene. This explains the higher than normal contrast in the sky. The dark areas will add emphasis to the lighter transparent colour which will be swiped across the sky like radii. This process is messy and the finished lower part will have to be cleaned with white spirits – so it will have to be dry enough to be thoroughly resistant to softening by the white spirits. A long wait for stage 3 can be expected.

Now what will I do to amuse myself in the waiting period? This type of painting is tedious, so a change of medium would be nice.

N.B.: I am videoing the process for a future post. The total time for this painting will be about 4 hours.


3 thoughts on “Adding light, stage 2

    • Thanks Alissa. Snow! Each Christmas I try and produce a few paintings to use as Christmas cards. Its hard to think of snow at this time of year but it will have to be done soon. Last winter we had record breaking snow. I have a few photos of this rare event on Flickr. Don’t worry too much about ‘finding’ a painting style. I think you have a definite style and if it should change over time, you will be the last person to notice it. Thanks again for the musings!

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