After the rain, more rain…

Myrtleville, Co. Cork. Final stage or maybe not…

Just a short post on progress to date. I couldn’t get involved in anything else while this was on my mind. This could be the final stage. I will wait a few days and have another think about any additions. A few bewildered tourists holding on to their hats, a couple of fishermen on the beach discussing global warming, are possibilities??? The scene sums up our summer so far. It reminds me of the advise given to the tourists visiting Ireland – ‘If you can see the distant hills, its a sign of rain coming. If you can’t its because its raining.’

The video (in the pipeline) will say the 1000 words I could write about the process involved above. Although all the videos are ‘time-lapse’ (speeded-up), I still have the original ‘real time’ versions on file. I will, in the near future, create a downloadable file with a ‘step by step’ description of each stage in real time. I think this might be helpful to beginners in oil painting. This is my next project, working out the technicalities of doing this.


One thought on “After the rain, more rain…

  1. Beautiful. I await the video with much anticipation. And I understand so well how a sunny day is simply a guarantee for cold, damp weather ahead (in my case the San Francisco fog). Thank you for your kind comments. Until soon.

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