Season of Mists – Oil Painting

Season of Mists

I have abandoned my method of using large brushes only in favour of a 2 stage approach. I’ve painted in this way for many years without thinking of brush types or sizes, but this is an analytical approach with the initial painting with large brushes, then placed details using a ‘rigger’ – a small long bristled brush. The scene is imaginary (kind of made up as I went along) just to re-acquaint myself with the method. I’ve videoed the entire process for a later post.

I use YouTube as a holding space for the videos and they recently informed me I now can upload videos up to 15 minutes in length as opposed to the usual 10 minutes. I don’t know if a 15 minute, time lapse video, of a painting session will not bore the viewer to tears but I might try it for this painting which took about 3 hours to complete in a single session.

I will list the material with the next post as I’m exhausted from the 3 hours and need to go to bed. Until the next time, good night!


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