Season of Mists – time lapse video

Season of Mists

Still on the subject of Autumn, this painting is an imaginary scene with the feeling of summer’s end and the golden glow of September.

The colours were: Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna and Cobalt Blue. Other colours: Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow and Cerulean Blue. Extra colours: Burnt Umber, Chrome Green Light and Raw Umber. Also, black and white. I think in terms of red, yellow and blue. These and their mixtures represent the spectrum of colours found in nature. The colours above also mix well together in the groups indicated which could be considered as the ‘craft’ part of oil painting.

Very little medium was used in the initial stages of the painting, with Liquin used to paint the details using the ‘rigger’ brush. I also used nylon brushes for details which have a less pronounced ‘bristle’ effect.

Enjoy the video.


10 thoughts on “Season of Mists – time lapse video

  1. This was wonderful to watch. I was impressed with how you treat the figures as their own ‘layer’ of sorts, moving across and building them as a whole, rather than one at a time. I am learning so much just by watching, thank you! Also, I was wondering if you could tell me what the music is. Lovely, all of it!

    • Thank you. I hope all is well with you now. I love ‘Red Riding Hood’ – innocence and menace, in the one package. Regarding the music, there is very strict copyright on all recorded music, and rightly so. But YouTube have licensed a huge number of music pieces, by various artistes, which can be used as backing tracks in YouTube videos. I try and find ‘Celtic’ styled music and the ‘Season of Mists’ piece is one. Its called ‘An Tobar’ by a Scottish musician ( Scottish, Welch and Irish language and culture are very similar, so, for instance, ‘An Tobar’ is ‘The Well’ in both Scots Gaelic and Irish Gaelic. If you want to hear an ‘Irish Gaelic’ piece check out the music track on ‘Skellig Michael’ post. Its a great piece by Donal Lunny (Uilleann Pipes) and a band called ‘Moving Hearts’.

  2. Watching your video on Season of Mists was like taking a lovely walk on this quiet Sunday morning. It is fascinating to see how you created this beautiful painting. I wish I could paint, and if I could, I would paint trees — so I enjoyed so much seeing that beautiful old tree take shape!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my post. Looking at some of your painting work, I envy your understanding of color, and how the layers effect eachother. What a picturesque place you live. Checking out your flickr after I post this. Take care!

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