More for the absolute beginner in oils – ‘oiling out’

'Oiled out' on left side

You have left your partially finished, or finished painting to dry for a few days and there are dull patches appearing which were not there before the painting dried. Check out ‘oiling out’ at For the absolute beginner, part 3 – the finished painting.


5 thoughts on “More for the absolute beginner in oils – ‘oiling out’

  1. I actually dont use Liquin. I use Alkyd Lite medium by Gamblin. After it dries and there are dull patches, i sometimes recoat the whole thing with a little Alkyd Lite, it brings the painting back to saturated colours, and adds a bit of lustre. The lustre fades a little over time, but it is a flexible protection for the painting. i dont usually varnish.

    • Hi Sally, I think you are right, its the varnishing that causes the issues. I think the problems with Liquin and other Alkyd media is that they remain soluble after drying. Drying involves the evaporation of dissolved solvent allowing a lattice to form at a molecular level within the Alkyd resin. This is reversible but hindered by the reduced surface area after drying. In other words, if the dried resin was chopped up into small pieces it would be completely redissolved. Organic oils don’t dry, they oxidise. A process similar to iron turning to rust, it never reverses. If you are wondering how I’m familiar with this stuff, its because for 20 years I worked in industrial chemistry in 2 different factories both of them involved in the manufacture and application of industrial coatings (paint). After that you never look at paint the same way again.

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