Twilight Again – Oil Painting

Twilight Again

With so few daylight hours, twilight time is stretching longer and longer as each day passes. Its hard to ignore. The Sun and Moon in the sky at the same time creating a glow. This year’s November was the mildest on record so the grass has grown and there is a lot of chlorophyll contributing to this glow.

This was the reason I included Chrome Green Light in the colours. Its a very warm green and light in colour as the name suggests. The other colours are dark in comparison and these were used in the underpainting. As this green was going to play an important role in the ground colours and I always strive for a harmony in the colours in the overall painting, I introduced the green into the later stages of the sky painting. The painting looked odd, with the green sky, until the same green was placed on the ground. This had an almost magical effect of reducing the apparent ‘greeness’ of the sky. You will see this in the video as the sky was painted almost to completion before the ground ‘light colour’s were added.

The colours were: Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Cobalt Blue, Raw Umber and Chrome Green Light, plus black and white. This time I used Liquin and the handling was much easier than the last painting, which had Linseed Oil only. As this painting dries, the dark colours will become very dull as is usual. I will ‘oil out’ with a Linseed oil and White Spirits mix. I have found that this counteracts the ‘dulling’ which Liquin tends to do with colours and, as discussed in previous posts, will make the painting safe for varnishing whenever it dries.

The video will be ready for posting in the next few days. Come back and check it out.


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