Morning at the Crossroads -Time Lapse Painting

Morning at the Crossroads

Although the method of painting was the same the different range of colours gave a flavour to this painting which was different from recent paintings. The Indian Red was the main contributor to this change. This colour is very intense when used neat, but dies with even the minutest of additions of any colour. If you are interested in clean colour, and I am, using a colour like Indian Red puts an extra stress on the painting process. By the addition of the 3rd colour to the mix the colour is in the grey range, and a dull grey at that.

Portrait by Artboy68

Before I get to the video, I have to mention the 100 Portraits in 20 Weeks project by Artboy68. I received my original portrait (No. 18) in the post today and its great. I’m a firm believer that art today is a sharing process and this is a very practical way of sharing art. The way the world works and therefore art works has changed, thanks to new technology. A big thanks to Artboy68 for the portrait.