The Versatile Blogger

Thank you Elenacaravela for nominating me for ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award. I was hoping, when I started this blog, to be more versatile than I actually am. Its all a question of time, or the lack of it. I’ve linked the production of paintings with the production of the posts for the blog. How long I can keep this up I don’t know. In actual fact, I spend more time  on the blog than I do on the paintings. Sometimes I don’t get round to answering the encouraging comments you’ve made (apologies).

The long and the short of it is, I really don’t have time to do a good job, especially deciding 15 blogs deserving of the award. But I would like to say a little about the blogger who nominated me. Most of her posts are short, sometimes just a photo of her very interesting art, but this one I really liked. Oil Painting Tutorial is a post almost in the form of a personal instruction on the production of an absolutely brilliant portrait. I found it most informative and helpful and I really appreciate the amount of effort it took to produce this wonderful post.

Thank you again Elenacaravela.


7 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger

  1. You are so very welcome! I so enjoy your blog and I can appreciate the time it takes to keep it going, especially with the care you take in sharing your process. So not to worry about the “rules”. They are somewhat daunting especially at this time of year. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. Looking forward to more great posts!

    • Thank you for the nomination. I was not even aware you did. Please excuse me not thanking you. Blogging is an involved business. The more time one spends on preparing the post, the less time on interacting with fellow bloggers.
      Thank you again for your kind inclusion in your nominations.

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