Changing Seasons – Time Lapse Painting

Changing Seasons

The weather has taken a turn for the worst, and this painting of the return of bright days, was probably a little premature. Today I painted a picture more in keeping with the current conditions, called ‘Bleak Winter’ which I will post in a few days.

Cobalt Blue was used in this sky colour. It is a ‘soft’ colour and has a warm feel to it (see previous post about materials used in this painting). If you look at recent paintings where Prussian Blue was used you will see what I mean by ‘soft’. It will mix with most colours to produce beautiful shades. If you are a beginner, and can have only one blue – make it Cobalt Blue. It can be altered to fit most sky types, even cold winter, because of its excellent mixing ability. The next painting, mentioned above, also has Cobalt Blue, but the final effect is very different.

Here is the video of the above painting which took about 2 hours in a single session. I mention this because I recently read a blog of an artist who finally finished his painting after a year and a half. Phew! I’m fed up of the above after 3 days. It certainly takes all types…