Near Glendalough – Time Lapse Painting

Near Glendalough

I’m trying to keep the posts in step with the paintings. For me, the paintings are the easiest, and least time consuming part of the process. Its the other stuff, video, editing, photography which are a pain. Writing the post shortly after painting the picture is good, as issues are still fresh in my mind and I can just rattle them off. I had a request to produce a ‘real time’ as opposed to ‘time lapse’ (which I do) version of a video. A feature length movie is a time consuming business to deal with. For a start, it takes an hour and a half just to look and see if it is OK. Processing the final video also takes hours. This is what put me out of sync.

Anyway, I really can’t see how anyone could endure one and a half hours of a brush applying paint to a canvas. Think of all the movies you’ve seen that lasted an hour and a half. Private Ryan was saved and brought home to mammy, in an hour and a half, Oh for God’s sake, Middle Earth was saved in an hour and a half.  You can also travel to a galaxy, far, far away in an hour and a half. My brushes, blonde haired beauties as they are, may look and behave admirably, but they are not the stuff of feature length movies, as yet. Its just the technology does not allow this to be done conveniently and fast enough if you have other stuff to do, like look for subjects, think, look again, think and then paint pictures. What I’m trying to say is, the paintings have outpaced the posts, so I’m going to try and catch up. I did a painting today which I’m very excited about, but I can’t tell you about it until the photos are ready and I can’t do that until I finish this post.

I would like to hear any views you might have on this, ‘real time’ versus ‘time lapse’, from the point of view of sharing the experience and being helpful to other painters.

Here is the video of the last painting, check previous post for more info. on materials etc.