In the Woods Again – Time Lapse Painting

In the Woods again

This painting has a look and feel similar to “Edge of the Woods“. These paintings originated from a photograph which I included in the post about “Edge of the Woods”. This painting is less photographic. Its the same scene with the viewpoint moved to the left. Its imaginary from the point of view that if the viewer was standing in this new viewpoint this is not what he/she would see because of the undergrowth. I know the drainage drain and bridge are there, so the scene is ‘constructed’.

Having a photo is good as it keeps me from drifting too much into ‘fantasy’, i.e. relying on imagination and memory. These types of paintings have a dreamlike appearance (see “Woodland“, “Season of Mists“, “Bluebell Wood“) and sometimes too much so. A little shot of reality, now and then, is good. Its the area where the world of the artist and the world of viewer overlap, the ‘common denominator ‘ to use a mathematical term.

Technical stuff about this painting is at the post previous to the last (here). Here is the video of the painting process.