March Wilderness – Time Lapse Painting

March Wilderness

This small group of trees was almost annihilated by recent drainage work at the far end of the woods. I have included a photo of the scene which really only documents the scene. The composition is created using elements from this photo, rearranged in a way which does not exist in reality. The viewing position is over the stream and much further back, isolating the group of trees. The interesting thing is, the scene is instantly recognised by those who are familiar with this area, that is, before they see the photo. Then they are not so sure its where they thought it was. Paintings seem to connect in a different way than photos do. Something more than just the picture glimpsed as we pass, as is a photo. I think its the essence of the scene which is in a painting, having been consumed, digested and regurgitated as paint by the artist. Continue reading