St Patrick’s Well – Time Lapse Painting

St Patricks Well

There were 3 distinct finishes in the painting of this picture. The initial plan seemed OK and the painting was finished. Within minutes it didn’t look right. The problem was with the foreground. I had painted the scene as it was, because it was a particular recognisable place, and this does not make a good painting. If I wanted a picture of this little stream as it was, I should have taken a photograph.

The long and the short of it was I elevated the foreground resulting in less waterfall, and more stream. This seemed to solve the problem, until I looked at the painting the following day. There still seemed to be something missing. I made the decision to abandon the original scene and ‘construct’ a landscape, adding the pieces I felt were missing.

The video shows the progress. Its a common problem, not knowing when to stop and ruining a good painting. When I looked at the video, I was wondering did I ruin a good painting? All I can say is that I am happier with this version than I was with the 2 previous versions and I am already thinking about the next painting. Too much thinking and deliberating is not good.

Have a look at the video and I’d be interested in your thoughts on the matter. Colours used, etc. are in the previous post.


11 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Well – Time Lapse Painting

  1. I love that you construct some of your landscapes (or elements within them) – there is a rich feeling created that is sometimes not present in the photograph of the place (definitely true in this painting)- and a way that you are making a dream-scape which becomes a little subversive in the context of traditional landscape painting (or my idea of it) where you are expected to keep things limited to the scene as it appears in reality. I love to think that you have these places inside of you, born from the experience of painting, seeing and studying so many places, trees, rocks, plants and clouds – that they just come out by themselves now. Beautiful.

    • Tonight I completed a painting which felt like the efforts of a watchman trying to stay awake and be alert. You know when you are on the edge of sleep and you slip away for a moment (the previous painting) and in a jolt, you wake. Its an effort to stay awake. Tonight’s painting was this effort at staying awake in the real world (tomorrows post). Then I read your comment. How insightful you are. The reason why I love your posts and comments. Thank you.

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    • Thank you for the nomination, but I was nominated previously and did not have the time to fulfil the requirements of the nomination. Nevertheless, I honoured by your nomination. Thanks again.

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