Wetlands – Oil Painting


A quick post for a quick painting. 9″ x 12″ in size and using only 3 colours plus black and white. This scene is beyond the woods, in what is called ‘marginal land’, prone to flooding and quite useless as farm land. I’ve been here before, this time last year, and I have a painting from that time (here) from a different viewpoint. It is nearly twice as big as this little picture, and the funny thing is, it took as long to paint this one. I must be getting old.

The colours this time are Burnt Sienna (red), Yellow Ochre (yellow) and French Ultramarine (blue), plus black and white. Cobalt Blue and Cerulean Blue were used the last time instead of French Ultramarine. I’m enjoying packing loads of quirky stuff into these little paintings, oh! so that’s why its taking me so long to paint them (yeah!).

I’ll have the video of the painting process for the next post and I might also have more time to waffle on. See you then.


11 thoughts on “Wetlands – Oil Painting

  1. That’s right, you are not getting old, just more complex!!! Beautiful painting, I especially like that with the color pallet so limited that the little bit of burnt sienna in the foreground reaches out even more.

    • Thanks again for the positive and supportive comment. You are right, a year later and the painting is more ‘complex’. I will stay on this road for awhile, and see what happens. Take care (of the ankle), and hope these weeks pass quickly for you.

  2. You are such a prolific painter. Love the limited palette and it certainly evokes the feelings of wetlands. Lovely painting.

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