King’s Pool – Oil Painting

King’s Pool

A short post for a quick painting. Alla prima, painted in about 1 hour. The palette was limited to Indian Red (red), Raw Sienna (yellow) and Cerulean Blue (blue). Chrome Green Deep was also used in small quantities all over the painting from the blue mix of the sky and water to the mid ground. This is a very strong colour so its influence is noticeable. I do this to help tie all elements of the scene together and create a harmony between the very different colours.

I am relying on random shapes in the mid distance to create an illusion of details. These details sometimes are more realistic than the carefully painted versions. But remember even though they are random shapes the law of perspective applies. This means, the shapes get smaller with distance. The difficulty is that it must not look like a regular pattern.

I have the video of the painting process prepared and will post, probably tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “King’s Pool – Oil Painting

  1. I like this one a lot! It has a light, whimsical quality to it, as well as a simplicity (both color and form) that offers easy access to seeing the forms and composition in the abstract, while still looking real, real, real!

    • Thank you Philippa. I may not have mentioned it in the post, but this is a small painting, my ‘comfort zone’. For me, this has a lot to do with the time spent painting the picture.

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