Bunbury’s Bridge – Time Lapse Painting

Bunbury’s Bridge

It was important to have the colours contrasty and clean, as this is a sunset without the usual dry summer feel. Its a typical sunset in Ireland – we get our fair share of wet weather, even in summer. The advantage is greenness, and clean air. I was trying to convey this here. In the previous painting the trees were blended a little into the sky colour. Here, I wanted no mixing of the ‘trees colour’ with the background ‘sky colour’.

The painting of the sky involves a lot of vigorous brushwork. It would not be possible to create this sky while leaving clear canvas spaces for trees or anything else to be painted cleanly into. Look at the video and you will understand what I mean. When the sky is painted to completion, the only way to have a clean canvas to paint on, is to wipe off the sky paint where the trees will be. I do this with a tissue dampened with White Spirits. By leaving a light stain of the sky colour in the wiped off area, allows trees with sky light coming through.

The colours, materials etc. are listed in the previous post. Here is the video. See you soon.


26 thoughts on “Bunbury’s Bridge – Time Lapse Painting

  1. Just today your blog served as my guide when I was desperately looking for a video on how to achieve ‘fluffy’ stormy weather kind of clouds..I don’t know if you remember one of the paintings I’m working on right now: THE WATCHER by Paul Henry…it’s got a very stormy, yet a bit unreal/exagerated horizon making the clouds almost as important as the girl…Thank you for this wonderful time lapse videos they are trully helpful!!

    • Of course I remember your painting. Paul Henry loved the west of Ireland, especially the light. JOHN M. SYNGE in his book ‘The Aran Islands’ (1907) (http://irishislands.info/texts/AranIslands/AranIslandsJMS.html) wrote “The women wear red petticoats and jackets of the island wool stained with madder”. I’ve been on the Aran Islands and its a bleak landscape. The girl in her red petticoat must have looked so amazing and inspired him to paint this picture. I live in the east of Ireland, but the light is still as inspiring.

      • Oh my, that landscape is awe-inspiring! I loved the sentiments it evoked (at least in me): the young woman looking out into infinity as if contemplating her future to find it quite grey and a stormy, plus, (visually) the contrast of her red petticoat over the very agitated greenish/bluish-grey ocean and sky is breathtaking…but, coming back to reality: I’m having huge trouble with those clouds, I think I’m going to stop and do some cloud exercises before I ruin the painting (it’s the biggest canvas I’ve worked on so far, it would be a true shame to not finish it in a manner that honors the author) … Thank you for the lovely and informative quote…I’ll keep studying from your videos and hopefully post my finished painting IN THIS LIFETIME ;)…read you soon, Alexandra

  2. Beautiful, so beautiful… It’s been for a while I didn’t make any oil painting…When I was watching, how seemed so exciting and so enjoyable… Thank you. I am so glad to meet you and also to meet your art… Made me excited. It is so inspirational. With my love, nia

  3. Nice to meet you, and thank you, follow. Thanking you in advance!
    Your touches are wonderful! we will let often see from this.
    Sorry, write in this topic.

  4. Hello Liam, just a brief message to say that I have nominated you for the Awesome Blog Content Award. I am sure you have received many awards during your blogging experience (and for your painting too). Congratulations! You give such a lot in your posts. I really want to show my appreciation and hope this leads to even more followers! best wishes, Philippa

    • Hello again. I forgot to tell you of your responsibilities associated with the Awesome Blog Content award! You need to write 26 things about yourself using the letters of the alphabet (not everyone has gone the distance on that) and then nominate 6 other bloggers with ‘awesome’ content. It does take a bit of time and hope you have some to spare. Best wishes, Philippa

      • Thank you so much for the nomination Philippa, I really appreciate it. I have received nominations in the past and despite my best efforts have always had problems accepting due to time restraints. At the moment I’m helping in organizing a group exhibition with an art group I was involved in founding over 40 years ago (www.athyartgroup.com). My own art is on hold as is my blogging activity. I’ve read your message now after a day of hanging paintings. So now I will accept the nomination as an award in itself and press on with the work in hand. Thank you again for thinking of me in your nominations.

      • I understand! It took me almost a day with power failures and inserting hyperlinks etc. Good luck with the Athy Art Group event. Congratulations and thank YOU again on your generous sharing with us all.

  5. I love the various shading of colour in the sky and the way they work with the rest of the landscape…you certainly know how to create something whihc invites your viewer to “feel” the painting…thank you for sharing! Ann

  6. I loved how you made the clouds, very fun to watch and educational as well. I was in Ireland in May, 2o11, and we had our share of rain then too. It’s a beautiful country. Maybe one day I will advance to posting a video on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

    • I found your site very interesting indeed. How different our styles and subject matter are. I’m fascinated by your meticulous approach and execution.

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