Demonstration Piece – Oil Painting

Oil Painting Demonstration

This is a short post just to assure you all that I am still alive and kickin’. I am a member of a local art group which was formed 40 years ago by a group of teenagers (I was one of them). The aim of the group was to give local artists an opportunity to exhibit their work. From the outset, the emphasis was on showing, not selling the work. This year was the 34th annual exhibition. As a working member of the group I’ve been busy with the staging of the exhibition which had over 200 pieces from 55 artists.

As part of my contribution to the Athy Art Group Exhibition event, I usually do a demonstration oil painting. Its a difficult thing to do in front of a group of spectators who are encouraged to ask questions as the work progresses. The most difficult bit is producing a finished ‘acceptable’ painting from a blank canvas, in about 1 hour. Any longer than this will be boring as the spectators includes casual onlookers as well as artists. Its a great way of encouraging non oil painters to ‘give it a try’ and it does work. This also happens to be part of the reason I started this blog.

Unfortunately I don’t have a video. The colours and technique are the same as ‘Tintern Sunset‘, which has a video here. After this week I will be painting again as usual and I hope to see you then.