Kilkea Castle – Oil Painting

Kilkea Castle

This was painted on another canvas end-piece measuring 12″ x 8″. Its like working in reverse, having the canvas shape then finding the subject to fit. This subject is a castle and its grounds, near where I live. Built in 1180 ad, it was in use as a hotel and golf course until the collapse of the ‘Celtic Tiger’ a few years ago. This lake is artificial, one of two, it was  built as part of the golf course and after the recent lack of maintenance, like the grounds,  has become a little wild. I wrote a little about this castle and the original owners in a previous post here.

A limited palette again of Indian Red, Cadmium Yellow and Prussian Blue. I also used Sap Green for the intense green. Our weather, at the moment, is rain, rain and more rain. The vegetation is lush and almost fluorescent from this ‘monsoon’ rain. The transparency of the Sap Green was used to produce vibrant shadows in the greens. I painted the grass areas with red and blue, solvent only, and allowed the solvent to evaporate (with the help of a hair dryer). I over-painted with the Sap Green (with a little red added) and the under colour was visible under this transparent layer. Definite shadows but with a little glow. I’m still using Liquin plus about 5% Stand Linseed Oil as a medium, remembering to ‘oil out’ with pure Linseed Oil (see here).

I will post the video of the painting process in a few days, see you then.


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