Harvest – Oil Painting


There is a panic in our farming community because of the continuous wet weather and the difficulties it causes. When the sun does shine, its intensely hot and the crop dries, but the ground is waterlogged making it impossible to operate heavy machinery. Hopefully we get a few more days like the one in this painting.

This is a limited palette painting again, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna and Cerulean Blue. What’s unusual with this painting is the application of paint. There was no medium used and the colours were applied as washes with White Spirits. The method is similar to watercolour but with the order of light colour first, reversed, with the shadow colours built up first. The only problem is with ventilation as the Spirits evaporate quickly.

I will go into the method in more detail in the next post when I have the video of the process.


5 thoughts on “Harvest – Oil Painting

  1. Hi. I like the contrasts in this painting… the leafy tree and the leafless tree, the cultivated field and the weedy field, the puffy clouds and the stratus clouds. It is so dry here, although we have had some rain the last week. Jane

    • Thank you Jane. In retrospect, I see the contrasts, but at the time of painting it just seemed the way to portray the setting. As I said in the post, this painting was allowed to flow and I followed where it went. I was talking about the paint, but the treatment of the subject followed the contrasts of the cultivated/wilderness, living tree/dead tree, etc. Is there a message here? Our subconscious is always working in the background.

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