Sycamore Lane – Oil Painting

Sycamore Lane

While I was painting this picture I recorded the process of mixing the colours. It will take me a while to get the video ready for viewing, but I think it might be worth while because its a different approach from what is considered the norm. The actual palette is small and the quantities of paint are always at a minimum. I try to have a systematic approach to mixing the different colours. As each stage is completed, the next set of colour mixes are prepared.

It is thought that before the convenience of ‘tube’ paint, and pigments had to be prepared as needed, this is how the artist worked. I find the narrow focus of limited colours and limited space to work in, does help to keep colours mixes clean and vibrant.

Attached to the palette are two small containers, called ‘dippers’ in which the medium and solvent are kept during painting. As the name suggests, ‘dipper’ means you dip the brush into the containers to add medium or solvent to the paint as its mixed. Of all the modern accepted methods of painting, this to me, seems the most daft. Its impossible to gauge the correct amount of liquid needed and very quickly the dippers become contaminated with paint adding further to the deadening of colour mixes. I use a pipette to transfer the liquids to the mix, counting the drops and adding only the amount I know is needed.

Hopefully my video will let you see how all these peculiarities work for me. It might sound like a lot of fussy bother, but I couldn’t work any other way.

See you soon.


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