Wood Pond – Time Lapse Painting

Wood Pond

In retrospect this is not a very ‘wintery’ scene. Actually its more like an Impressionist painting from the south of France. This certainly wasn’t the intention. But it’s OK with me. The next few paintings will be more seasonal. Its the time of the year again for thinking about Christmas cards. I like the tradition. Its also a nice way of sharing your art with family and friends. The process of producing cards from original artwork is so simple nowadays its well worth the small effort involved.

As usual the most difficult part is producing the original artwork. Hopefully my efforts and work of the next few weeks will be of help.

In the meantime here is the video of this painting.


6 thoughts on “Wood Pond – Time Lapse Painting

  1. It may not be wintry in the traditional snow-sense, but it looks cold out to me. A frosty late afternoon. Those dark cool trunks and branches. The pond from recent rains. Maybe because it looks like that here right now and I wore gloves and earmuffs on my walk today.

  2. I’ve made seasonal cards and they can be very rewarding to send. I wish I had the funds to do it this year. Times are gonna be very lean for us. Even more so than they have been.

    • Hard times really does take its toll. Personalised cards are a luxury, and there are more important things to be considered. Hopefully things will change soon. 🙂

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