Snow Stream – Oil Painting

Snow Stream

This started out as a subject for a Christmas card. Now I think its a little too ‘gritty’. The composition strays too far from the ideal, non challenging one third ‘point of interest’ arrangement. Also the snow is just not ‘right’. As I said in previous posts, Christmas card subjects are difficult to define. I might change my mind about this painting in a few days, at the moment its just plain old nasty winter.

The colours I chose were possibly a little ‘rough’. Indian Red was in there with Burnt Umber to make up the red part of the spectrum. If you want a difficult colour, Indian Red is a contender. Its a strong red  in mixes to a point, then at lower concentrations collapses into a dirty grey brown. Prussian Blue is also a strong tinting colour, good for shadows in snow. The yellow was Raw Sienna a golden yellow, which in this painting was dominated by the other colours. So maybe I was expecting too much from this combination.

I’ll post the video of the painting process in a day or two. You will notice I’m still not using any medium. Recent paintings done like this should dry very matt and dull, but this is not the case. Confirming what I think, that recently manufactured paint contains more medium in the tubes than was the case a few years ago.  See you soon.