Sliabh Bloom – Time Lapse Painting

Sliabh Bloom Waterfall

Sliabh Bloom Waterfall

Just a quick post to connect you to the YouTube video of the painting here.

I’m getting the hang of the Alkyd colours at last. It wasn’t much of a bother for me as I was doing much of the stuff that is recommended by the manufacturers anyway.

Stuff like:

  • Painting within a 4 hour period as Alkyd colours begin to loose their workability then.
  • Keeping brushes in constant use, or cleaning continually as I work as the paint is difficult to remove even in the initial stages of drying.
  • Using thin washes as a base layer to be painted over by standard oils.
  • Not keeping paint on the palette for use in the next painting session.
  • Removing completely every trace of paint from the palette and the brushes at the end of every painting session.

If you are not in the habit of working like this, Alkyd colours would be a nightmare.

Here is the video of the 2 stage, Alkyd and standard oil paint, painting session.


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