The Possibilities of May – Time Lapse Painting


The Possibilities of May

The pressures of work have kept me from posting in the last few days. I include here the video of this painting and will see you soon.


7 thoughts on “The Possibilities of May – Time Lapse Painting

    • Thanks Stephen. The camera is a Panasonic GH3. A hugely underrated DSLR with incredible features. You should try a time lapse painting of how you work. At the very least its can be a great help to your working method. When a few hours are compressed into a few minuted you will see productive and non-productive patches of work.

  1. This is a beautiful piece. I enjoyed watching the creation of it. *Nods with appreciation* from artist to artist.

  2. Fantastic. Loved the time-lapse. I’d love to try filming my work in progress, but then everyone my struggles! :-0

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