Lake Isle – Oil Painting

Lake Isle

Lake Isle

This is a painting demonstration I did as part of our local art group’s annual exhibition. I’ve had work in every one, and this is the 35th. How time flies! Every member of the group is entitled to exhibit as many works as is possible to accommodate. The range of work, from beginner to professional, is what makes for an interesting show.

I painted this picture on an easel (because it was a demo), something I don’t normally do because of the way I use solvent washes and I also video each painting with an overhead camera. Surprisingly, it worked out OK. I had visions of the paint flowing off the canvas, but it didn’t. So the solvent only method need not be confined to table top or horizontal painting.

The demo Painting (16″x14″) was completed in an hour using 3 colours, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Prussian Blue, plus black and white. As I said there was no medium used only White Spirits. I used Alkyd oil colours, great when fast painting is needed, as was the case here. The added bonus is that this painting will be dry tomorrow, dry enough to be ‘oiled out’, that is.

Unfortunately, for the above reasons, I don’t have a video of this painting.


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