Turf Cutters House – Oil Painting

Turf Cutter's House

Turf Cutter’s House

Turf, is the Irish word for sods of peat, that’s used as a solid fuel. There is a lot of bogland in Kildare and as well as the turf for the fire, the county is also famous for the horse racing turf (turf also means grass track). There is a bit of controversy at the moment regarding the cutting of turf. For centuries, turf was cut on a small scale by those who ‘had a bit of bog’, and the excess sold locally. In the early 20th century the Irish state became involved and began processing turf for fuel and also peat, as a garden soil additive. Encouraged by the popularity and demand for turf, the small scale producers became more efficient.  Thus began the wide-scale destruction of the boglands.

Recently, as part of the European Union, Ireland was told to cease operations (habitat destruction) or face massive fines. The state run organisation was obviously wound down but the independent small scale operators don’t want to give up their livelihoods. A major conflict is about to erupt, sooner rather than later.

This is another smallish painting 16″x12″. Completed in under 2 hours using 3 colours, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and French Ultramarine (plus black and white). I’m using Alkyd colours almost exclusively now and have them looking very like standard oils. Once the speed of drying is allowed for, the painting method is similar.

I videoed this painting, as usual, and will post in a few days. See you then.