Moon Shadows – Time Lapse Painting

Moon Shadows

Moon Shadows

This painting is bigger than my normal size. When I change painting size I try and change the brush size relative to the change in painting size. Its probably not such a problem in going from large to small, but going in the other direction can lead to overworking. A brush size you are comfortable using to paint distant details on a 10″x8″ will require a different approach in painting similar details on a 20″x16″. I like a looser brush style so when I forget to scale up brush size I tend to do a little too much fiddling. In general I think, for me at least, larger brushes produce bolder painting.

In the video of this painting, I’ve indicated where the second stage started, after the first stage was dry. Glazing usually requires a flat transparent layer applied uniformly. I applied a heavier layer at the edges to create a ‘tunnel’ into the scene. A problem I find with glazing over a thin layer of paint which has the canvas texture showing, is that the recesses of the canvas weave hold a thicker layer of glaze emphasising the texture of the canvas. In the sky of this painting, especially the brighter areas, this was the case and it didn’t look good. I added a little white to these areas to create a smooth untextured colour.

Here is the video. See you soon.


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