Bridge near Kilkea – Oil Painting

Bridge at Kilkea

Bridge at Kilkea

Shimmering light and the buzz of high summer is the inspiration for this painting. There are preparations to harvest the winter corn, now in the final stages of ripening and the spring crop is in a state of arrested growth because of the lack of rain. The yields will be low this year.

A 3 colour painting again. This time the dominant colour is Cadmium Yellow. Its a standard oil colour as there is no Alkyd version. The blue is also a standard oil, Cobalt Blue, for the same reason. The third colour is Burnt Sienna and it, with the black and white are Alkyd colours. Again there is no medium used only White Spirits.

Here is the video of the painting process, which took about an hour and a half to complete, compressed to about 8 minutes. The size is 16″x12″ painted on Daler-Rowney Oil Painting Paper. As I mentioned before this seems to be too absorbent for standard oil colours but works well with Alkyd colours.

See you soon.


7 thoughts on “Bridge near Kilkea – Oil Painting

    • Thank you. To answer your question: I never paint outdoors, but always in exactly the same spot in the studio. I video all my paintings so I have a “movie set’ where I can control the lighting and camera. This is not an easy task but the technical difficulties of producing a movie are reduced by having the setup standardised. I am committed to this recording process because seeing a painting produced from a blank canvas with all mistakes, corrections, changes etc adds an extra dimension to the understanding and, hopefully, the appreciation of the painting. A bit like performance art.

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