Pastoral – Oil Painting



We had our storm and maybe a little too much rain and now the landscape is like a rustic romantic scene. A period of plenty and lazy lushness. The recent long hot spell caused much premature withering, resulting in some of the colours of Autumn. However, green has returned with the rain and all is right with the world.

In keeping with the rustic pastoral paintings of the 19th century, I conjured up this idyllic scene. Its a collage of various places some of which have been in previous paintings. The treatment is much different from the classical style and borrows much from the later Impressionists. The composition is also less formal with several areas vying for the attention of the viewer. Hopefully the central activity is strong enough to hold the scene together.

The painting is 20″x16″, painted in a single session on Fredrix Oil Painting Canvas. A limited palette as usual, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber and French Ultramarine. Again there is no medium used only White Spirits solvent.

As usual I videoed the process and will post in a few days. See you then.