Late Summer – Oil Painting

Late Summer

Late Summer

Painted in a similar fashion to the last picture, this landscape was adjusted to fit requirements. I’ve painted this scene before (here, here and here). The colours are muted compared to the previous paintings.

There are 3 colours this time, they are Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber and Cerulean Blue. I used the same colours in the last painting but also with Burnt Sienna. I felt there was no use for this red colour and actually I used very little last time. There is only solvent used, no medium. The brushes were 2 round bristles, very large and a medium sized, and also a fine nylon ‘rigger’ (actually 2 of the same size). The painting is 20″x16″, which is large for me and took about 3 hours to complete.

As usual I videoed the process and will post in a few days. See you then.


4 thoughts on “Late Summer – Oil Painting

  1. Hi

    I’m glad you liked my site and gallery 1. Good instructional videos. I would say though that white spirit used on paintings though has a tendency to dull colors and crack the paint whereas turpentine or an oil painting medium doesn’t as much. If painting up in layers fat over lean is a tried and trusted method. I generally lay in my design and basic areas in oil paint mixed with turpentine only to start. I then build up the lights and dark tones at the same time. When I reasonably happy I have established the basic structure I then begin to lay on the colors over these areas with dark colors painted more thinly and light colors more thickly. If painting Alla prima or direct as its called often I generally lay a thin ground very light to develop a mid tone then work using linseed oil from there on.

    • Thank you. You are right about White Spirits used with traditional oils. However, this does not apply to modern materials, especially the Alkyd based media, which I use. Alkyd media are less prone to leeching into the ground regardless of solvent. Another reason I don’t use Turpentine is because its classed as toxic and my particular method requires a lot of solvent.

      • Yes you are correct. Alkyds do not get into the layers and damage the surface. You can use materials list Sansadour which is non toxic and is a good medium for oil painting as a substitute to Turpentine

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