Bright Days of Autumn – Time Lapse Painting

Bright Days of Autumn

Bright Days of Autumn

This painting is on a 300gsm oil painting paper. It has a ‘pressed’ textured like canvas, well almost like canvas. The texture is smoother. This takes a little adjustment in the working method. The paint can be applied very fast and it takes a lot less paint to cover than the equivalent canvas surface. Not using a medium is a help and I think it would be difficult to achieve the effects I’m after if the paint was to wet.

What I’ after is a less heavy look and a more delicate portrayal of foliage, especially trees. Trees in photographs, especially in full leaf, look solid, not what we know they are in fact, i.e.  mostly air spaces. I was painting them as I saw them, now as I ‘think’ they are and this requires a much lighter touch. Dry paint applied on a slightly wet under colour achieves this.

Here is the video of this painting process. See you soon.


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