Bright Days of Autumn 2 – Oil Painting

Bright Days of Autumn

Bright Days of Autumn 2

Hot humid days and a fair bit of rain. The air is heavy and carries a strong hint of Autumn.

The subject is the same as the last painting (here) but look at how different the mood is from last time. The fresh brightness, contributed mostly by French Ultramarine Blue, is replaced by a warm muggy atmosphere in this painting. Cerulean Blue is probably responsible. Its a delicate colour, opaque and light in tone, it doesn’t produce deep rich shadows. As I mentioned in the last few posts, I’m attempting to reduce contrast and lighten the tone of my paintings. This blue needs the help of black in the cool shadows so it goes a long way in helping with reducing the dark colours. The other 2 colours were Cadmium Yellow and Burnt Sienna. As usual, no medium used only White Spirits.

The size is 20″ x 14″, on Oil Painting Paper and took about 2 hours to complete. I’ll post the video of the painting process in a day or two, see you then.