Bright Days of Autumn 2 – Time Lapse Painting

Bright Days of Autumn

Bright Days of Autumn 2

This is a combination of solvent in the initial stages and dry  paint (no medium or solvent) in the final stages. The dry paint does allow very light and delicate effects. I like this in paintings especially watercolours but its not common in the heavy medium of oils.

In my next experiment I will try and be less graphic and more painterly. This will be difficult for me as I like lines in the structure of my paintings.

Here is the video of this painting. See you soon.


4 thoughts on “Bright Days of Autumn 2 – Time Lapse Painting

    • ‘Fat over lean’ applies when there are distinct layers of paint, each allowed to dry before the next was added. Its to ensure that a rigid layer is not applied on top of a flexible one. My technique involves a single session, so a single layer of paint results. In any event the under layer is lean with solvent. By ‘dry’ paint I mean paint without liquid, solvent or medium, added. This is ‘fat’ relative to the solvent layer.

  1. I absolutely love your skies! I have watched a lot of artists online and they almost all paint clouds in the round “bubble” type clouds, which is nothing like most clouds in the sky. They need to look up more! I take pictures all the time so that none of my clouds ever look the same when I go to paint them. Your skies are fantastic!

    • Thank you Rosemary. I agree, and I particularly don’t like the use of a large brush which produces a ‘rubber stamp’ look to the clouds. There is as much variation in the sky as there is on the ground. Its just softer.

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