Wandesforde Estate – Oil Painting

Wandesforde Estate

Wandesforde Estate

It is, in fact, the former Wandesforde Estate. Now its a theme park called Castlecomer Discovery Park. Up until 1969 there were coal mines operating on this site and when this industry closed down, the estate was rejuvenated as a community project. With about 80 acres of woodland this park is open to the public with loads of activities, especially for kids, and a museum and tour on Castlecomer’s former coal mining industry. Very interesting indeed.

Castlecomer Discovery Park Web Site Masthead

Castlecomer Discovery Park Web Site Masthead

I’ve included here the masthead of the website for the discovery park because it has a photo of the scene on which this painting is based. The season is a little different and angle of view is different, but it gives you a flavour of the scene.

I’m still using just 3 colours, plus white and no black. The Burnt Sienna and turquoise (Yellow Ochre + Prussian Blue) have produced a beautiful shimmering effect which is not portrayed well in the above photo. It just worked in this painting, sometimes it doesn’t.

Clicking on the photo gives a close up view and you can see the places where the under colour peeps through the upper layers.

I will post the video of the painting process in a few days. See you then.


10 thoughts on “Wandesforde Estate – Oil Painting

  1. Wow that’s amazing! There is this fantastic atmosphere and I love how you painted the clouds and the water. Really really great!

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