Home through the fields – Time Lapse Painting

Home through the fields

Home through the fields

The kids are back in school and many in rural areas will take advantage of the good weather and bright evenings to take a ‘short-cut’ home through the fields. The blackberries are ripe and there will be many a crab apple tree to add a sharp bite to the sweetness of the berries. When we were children we were told it was OK to eat the wild fruit before Oiche Samhain (Hallowe’en night) because on that night the evil spirits went around the countryside ‘pee-ing’ on the fruit. A bit of folklore to ensure we didn’t consume anything after its ‘use before date’.

This is a small (11″x9″), quick painting even by my standards, and took about an hour to complete. It seems easier to try new techniques on a small painting. Here I sketched in the general scene in dry (no solvent or medium) unmixed paint. The later additions of paint had solvent added and blended with the paint already added. For example, in the sky, white with a little White Spirits added, was painted over the dry blue and umber paint to pick up the colour. I would normally paint the initial colours with loads of solvent which, when it evaporated, would not be inclined to mix with paint laid on top. The method in this painting reversed the procedure and worked well, giving smoother blends with less texture. This was OK in this small painting as the canvas texture poking through might be a little too rough relative to the small surface area of the painting.

3 colours used, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber and Prussian Blue. White was also used but no black. There was no medium used, just solvent (White Spirits).

Here’s the video of the painting process. See you soon.