Ardscull – Time Lapse Painting



Ardscull (Gaelic) means the ‘Hill of Shouts’. The moat rises to a height of 55 feet with a rampart at the top. Its a landmark visible from nearly every point on the flat planes of South Kildare. This was the site of a battle between the Leinstermen and the Munstermen during the reign of Felim Reachtmar, the ‘Law Maker’, king of Ireland from 111 a.d. to 119 a.d. The Moat itself is a 13th century Norman structure which was added to by the Fitzgeralds in the 15th century. In 1315 a.d. Robert Bruce defeated an army nearby, lead by Sir Edward Butler. Its amazing how well this earthwork has survived the last 700 years with the basic structure intact. One can almost hear the echoes of history reverberate down the centuries when standing on the ramparts of this ‘Hill of Shouts’.

This painting is verging on abstraction. The strong sunlight glistens on the tangle of tree trunks and branches. Its bleak and windswept, especially at this time of year.

A 3 colour painting again. The underpainting was unusual for an oil painting. It was lighter colours applied with loads of solvent which was allowed to evaporate before the darker shades were added. It was painted in 2 sessions. As so much solvent was used in the initial stages I had to wait 24 hours for the evaporation of the solvent. Remember I’m using Alkyd Oils, and were almost dry after the 24 hours. The fine lines were easier to apply on the ‘tacky’ under paint. The end result does not have the rich depth of colour of traditional oils. Its a watercolour effect which has a ‘bleached out’ look in oils.

Here’s the video, see you soon.


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