Many Weathers – Time Lapse Painting

Many Weathers

Many Weathers

A little bit of everything, weather-wise. There is a definite touch of Spring in the air. The cattle are out of their Winter quarters in spite of the wet conditions. For many farmers the winter feed is coming to an end and there is no choice but to let them out.

I’ve used my 3 favourite colours here – Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Blue.

Here’s the video, see you soon.


10 thoughts on “Many Weathers – Time Lapse Painting

  1. I love this! I am always trying to paint the ever changing sky on the Eastern seacoast (US). Where is this awesome scenery in your painting? Thanks for the inspiring video I am getting out my paints right now! 🙂

    • Thank you Katy. This is in south County Kildare in Ireland. Flat countryside make you look at the skies as much as the landscape. The eastern USA is probably similar.

  2. IT was wonderful to watch you paint and to match it to the finished painting above. I was amazed being a beginner myself, Thank you so much for sharing your skills, and for liking my modest pink running shoes in gouache today at Wagblog…Cheers, Pam.

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