Orchard Gate

Orchard Gate

Orchard Gate

Although it feels like Autumn, recent rain has kept the greens of Summer. There is no hint of the typical yellows, oranges or browns so far.

This is a painting of tired greens and grey skies but what a dull picture this would make. I still wanted to represent this time of year, between the vivid green of Summer and the approaching colours of Autumn. The underpainting was a mixture of vivid harsh colour, painted with solvent. This was allowed to evaporate before the duller greyish, final colour was added. The under-colours influenced the final dull colours when brushed in, but in some places this under-colour was allowed to peep through.

I used an unusual composition by placing the point of interest in the centre and reinforcing this by placing the sun (partially obscured by cloud) directly above. Its not the ‘text book’ way of doing things but it does create a dynamic within an otherwise dull scene. The rest of the scene ‘see-saws’ about this central point acting like a fulcrum.

It has been pointed out to me that some of the subtle tints caused by blending of greys and vibrant under-colour is not represented well on the video or photograph. This is true because of the limitations of photography. The actual painting always looks better than the photograph. I wonder have these limitations influenced the way colour is used in artwork which is destined to be reproduced in print or on computer screens?

Winsor Lemon, Alizarin Crimson, Dioxazine Purple and Cobalt Blue (plus black and white of course) were the colours used here. You will notice on the video, 2 lumps of white. One is standard Titanium oil paint and the other is Alkyd fast drying oil paint. I’m mixing them 50/50 at the moment to retard the drying of the Alkyd colours, especially in blending the sky colours. Alkyd dries very fast. Sometimes a little too fast when colour needs to be manipulated as in the sky.

Here’s the video. See you soon.




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