The return of the sun is welcome, especially in the evenings. The sunsets, now approaching 6pm, are lit with a golden glow. I can’t wait for the 10pm sunsets in a few months time.

As in recent paintings I’m using 3 colours and a single bristle brush to produce an evolution of colour from one to the next without cleaning the brush between mixes. Its a discipline which makes me think more about colour in relation to what has gone before and what is about to be applied. I think it also allows more flexibility in revisiting areas of the painting and making fine adjustments to existing colour. By reducing the variables of paint and brushes simplifies the process and can more easily be imagined before I start. This allows me to start the painting without the need to sketch out the scene, something I would have done up until recently.

The colours are almost the same as recent paintings. Yellow Ochre instead of Raw Sienna – less ‘red’, and Burnt Umber instead of Raw Umber – more ‘red’. The blue is still Cerulean, in keeping with these misty dull days.

Here’s the video of the painting, see you soon.


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