Bend in the River

Bend in the River

Bend in the River

Similar to the previous painting, but with more warmth in the overall colouring. This time Cadmium Yellow was used, the last painting had Lemon Yellow. Two very different yellows. Lemon is a pure yellow, Cadmium has an orange tinge. Resultant mixes are warm, especially the greens.

You will remember the last painting was on ‘oil painting’ paper. I could not let this scene pass without giving it another go on the nice rough texture of canvas. On the canvas there is latitude in the brushing, by this I mean the odd, stray brush stroke is easier to correct on the rough surface. Also there is latitude in the amount of paint that can be applied and still be manipulated to the desired effect. On the smooth surface, its easy to add too much, especially in the under layers, making later additions difficult to add on top. This is always a difficulty when painting wet on wet as I do.

This painting uses 3 colours, Cadmium Yellow, Indian Red, Prussian Blue, plus black and white.

Here’s the video of the painting process, see you soon.


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