Summer Green

Summer Green

Summer Green

A sunny painting, in keeping with the glorious long days of Summer.

The colours Cadmium Yellow, Permanent Rose and Cerulean Blue are the colours of Summer. Even the mild Cerulean Blue is capable of producing a strong green when mixed with Cadmium Yellow.

Here’s the video of the painting process, see you soon.


6 thoughts on “Summer Green

  1. Dear Liam, you wrote that you did not use any medium in your works. Can you please advise then how you follow Fat-over-Lean rule?

    • Traditional oil painting involves painting in layers, each drying before the next is applied. For this to stay intact requires flexible (fat) layers on top of rigid (lean) layers. My method is a single layer applied in a single session so the rule doesn’t apply.

  2. Hi Liam,
    Im an advanced amateur, and have learned a lot from studying your technique.
    However, in my view ( and I’m never wrong ! ) you are beginning to overpaint in the last minute or two.
    E.g : Look at what happens to the rocks in this painting in the last minute.
    I’ve noticed the same thing in other paintings especially in respect of sunny skies where the white sunshine streams through dark clouds towards the ground initially, but then you go back and smudge the sunshine.
    Ron C.C. **

    Constructive critic.

    P.S. Regarding the use of spirits and the non-use of “medium”, please advise what you mean by mediums, with examples. Is liquin a medium ? Turpentime ? Linseed oil ? Other ?

    • Thanks Ron. I’m a bit of an advanced amateur myself. Overpainting is always a problem in ‘all prima’ as there is no time to ponder over the work (which can be a good thing). I do a lot of irrational things like spending ages painting a sky and then covering it up with trees. I’m told this countless times especially by people who love skies. This is an issue if you look at the video of the painting process. Seeing the end product only, with the sky covered – no problem. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. I tend to paint what I think, not what I see. If the ‘gut instinct’ says its not right I will not leave it alone until it ‘clicks’. Sometimes what seemed like a good idea, light beams streaming down for example, is not so good as things progress, so I make it fit.
      Regarding Mediums. If the added liquid adds to the paint film its a medium. It it evaporates completely its not a medium. I use White Spirits only ( a petroleum spirit). It evaporates completely (hopefully) leaving the paint as it was when it left the tube. With multi layered paintings there are issues with ‘fat over lean’ etc. But a single thin homogenous layer is OK.

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