Recent Rain

Recent Rain

Recent Rain

‘Variable’ weather has postponed the onset of harvest. The forecast is not great for the coming days and the current strong winds have made the landscape look a little ‘shredded’. This is not a sunny summer scene but I must be careful not to loose the look of a typical Irish summer.

This painting has only 3 colours; Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Cerulean Blue, plus black and white. I used no medium, only the solvent, White Spirits. The colours may not be a strong vibrant range but they are warm, even the Cerulean Blue has a warmth, if that is possible for a blue.

I’m still using the single brush technique, allowing the colour mixes to evolve one into the next with the minimum of brush cleaning. Remember this will only work with no more than 3 colours – any more and the colours turn ‘muddy’. Its also important that the 3 colours chosen are capable of producing the required colours.

Here’s the video of the process, see you soon.



10 thoughts on “Recent Rain

  1. Very beautiful! Looking at your paintings I observe that you have a preference for a bit dark color shades. Am I right? Best, Tânia.

    • Of course when the theme is about rain weather the shades are dark. But in other paintings also the shades seem to me a bit dark.

      • You are absolutely right Tania. Sunshine is rare, overcast skies are the norm, the winter is long. And I am always conscious of the history of the landscape where I live. Its deep. A simple field boundary or hedgerow is hundreds, if not thousands of years old. I try and embrace the darkness and share the experience.

  2. Another wonderfully atmospheric painting Liam. Do you use artist’s white spirit or regular white spirit? If so, how do you take care with fumes and safeguarding your health, or do you use the odourless brands. It’s the only thing I dislike about using oils.

    • I use Artists quality. The other darkens in time and may have contaminants which might affect the drying of the paint. Ventilation is important and I have plenty of that. I don’t find white spirits objectionable and I use it instead of turps (which I love the smell of) because its less hazardous.

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