Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Harvest Time

The glowing yellows of high summer have passed and the ‘brownness’ of autumn is upon us. as yet, there are no typical autumn colours, just a hint of things to come.

The colours used, and there are only 3, are Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, Cobalt Blue. Yellow Ochre and Cadmium produce a range of subtle greens which don’t need the addition of red to give a ‘natural’ green colour. I suppose its the orange in the ochre which is responsible for this nice effect. The addition of the Cadmium Red moves the colour quickly into the autumn colour range.

As usual the process involves using the 3 colours for each and every part of the mid and foreground areas, varying the proportions of each colour to move the colours between purples (Cadmium and Cobalt with a little Ochre) to orange (Cadmium and Ochre and a little Cobalt). I try and avoid equal proportions, as you probably know, this is a formula for shades of grey, OK in the sky but not for closeup foreground colours.

The painting is 16″x10″.

Here’s the video of the painting process. See you soon.


4 thoughts on “Harvest Time

  1. Hard to believe it is almost that time of year. Here in Kentucky USA it is still hot and humid. We also still have lots of chigger and ticks. Yuck I will still stay indoors for another month. I enjoy your paintings they are beautiful. Thank you.

    • I am so thankful I live in such a placid landscape (Ireland). I can tramp for hours through the wildest places without ever a thought of insect or animal threats. We don’t even have snakes as in the UK. I hope you can get out and about soon 🙂

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