River Island

River Island

River Island

Although still wet underfoot, its safe to follow the river track and enjoy the nice bright days of spring.

The painting is 16″ x 11′. Only 3 colours used (Yellow Ochre, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue) plus black and white. There is no medium used, only White Spirits. The bulk of the painting was with a single long bristled no. 10 brush. A liner was used for fine lines.


5 thoughts on “River Island

  1. It is a very beautiful painting!
    I would like to ask you a question: for what reason you only use a few colors?
    Excuse me if the question is silly. I draw and paint, but I have no training in painting (I am a physicist). So, I may be asking a triviality.
    Best, Tânia.

  2. Thank you Tania. This is not a silly question. Using only 3 colours is not the norm in painting. There are 2 reasons I use so few colours. Firstly, theoretically all colours are possible from the 3 primaries, yellow, red and blue. By using a set of the 3 primaries where the actual colours are not ‘pure’ primaries (example, Burnt Sienna for red), all colours are possible but with a particular shading. This creates a strong colour harmony within the painting.
    Secondly, the more paints used in a colour mix, the less ‘chroma’ or clarity there is. As there are only 3 paints on the palette, all mixes will be clear and brilliant regardless of what you do.
    By the way, I also have no art training and I studied and worked in science for many years before making a career change.

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