Wicklow Mountain Snow

Wicklow Mountain Snow

Wicklow Mountain Snow

Only 20 miles to the east, the Wicklow Mountains are rarely seen in normal conditions. Normal conditions are rain and low lying clouds. Occasionally at other times, we get a glimpse of this mysterious backdrop. As they say in Ireland, if you can see the mountains – rain is on the way. If you can’t, its because its raining and most of the time its raining. The scene in this painting is an exception. After days of ‘wintry showers with snow on high ground’ (as he weatherman puts it), spring arrived with sunshine and warm air. The glare of white snow was shimmering on the horizon. What a contrast, cold mountain snow and warm spring growth.

This painting uses only 3 colours (Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue) plus black and white. The colour wheel used by artists is split into into warm and cool colours. Although interesting and logical in its analytical approach I find it difficult to apply to painting. Paint colours don’t slot into pure primaries producing secondaries etc., so mixing paints does not result in secondaries or tertiaries according to plan. The proportions of paint in the mix will push a colour into the warm or cool sectors. For me its a matter of judging by eye and remembering all colour is relative.

Applications like Photoshop used by digital artists are different. The colours are pure not like those produced by grinding materials like clay or sand into a paste.

The size is 12″x9″. The brushes were a large filbert bristle, a pointed round bristle and a liner for fine lines. No medium used, only solvent.

Here’s the video of the painting process. See you soon.


2 thoughts on “Wicklow Mountain Snow

  1. I love your videos. The limited palette technique really appeals to me, as someone with limited experience in oils. I do have one question, what surface are you painting on? It appears to be some sort of paper, is that so? One of my biggest issues in starting to paint in oils is that materials are so expensive, if there were a paper alternative to canvas or canvas board for me to begin to practice techniques I would be very happy.

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