Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset

Recent sunsets have a distinct lack of red in the glowing skies. It this because the wet weather is cleaning dust from the atmosphere?

As you probably know, I use Alkyd fast drying oil paint for some of the colours. In this case they are all Alkyd, except the Cobalt Blue. This is because Cobalt Blue is only available as Cobalt Blue ‘Hue” in the Alkyd range. It is probably OK as its produced by W&N, but I have Cobalt Blue as a standard artist oil so I used it. Alkyds and standard oils are mixable and work well together in mixes. Problems can occur if the Alkyd is applied in layers on top of standard oils (in the traditional manner) because it dries so fast.

And it does dry fast. Forgetting to clean the brushes for a few hours will be disastrous. The advantage, of course, is that the painting is completely dry in 24 hours (thin layer of paint, solvent only). If I needed, I could ‘oil out’ (with slow drying medium) after another 24 hours and the painting is finished in a few days.

This painting uses only 3 colours (Indian Yellow, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue) plus black and white. There is no medium used, only White Spirits. The size is 16″ x 12″.

Here’s the painting process. See you soon.


4 thoughts on “Summer Sunset

  1. I always look forward to your videos and have followed your work for several years. I use Liquin with my regular oil paints together with a couple of Alkyd ones and I have no problem. The Liquin really makes a difference in the drying times and essentially creates an alkyd paint more or less.

    • Yes I agree. Standard oil with ‘Liquin’ dries like Alkyd. But during the painting process, Alkyd with solvent only, produces a layer which ‘sets’ very quickly when the solvent evaporates. This is useful for my fast painting method. In my latest painting I used ‘Liquin’ to slow down the drying (just a little) of the Alkyds in the top layers as the warm weather is starting the Alkyd drying before I am finished the painting.

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